The Delivery Man Watch Online

The Delivery Man Watch Online

The Delivery Man - great movie directed by Ken Scott who wrote screenplay too. Scott did a lot great movie and it is one of them. This is comedy with nice plot and good cast. It is story about man who give sperm to sperm bank through 20 years. One day he find out that he is a father of about 500 childern and part of them want know who is his fathre. The news kill his relationship with woman who has child with him. Main character ,David Wozniak, decide to travel. During this journey he learn the truth about oneself and find out how to bring up his own child. The story is full of humor and the plot is interesting.

The cast included Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders, Britt Robertson, Jack Reynor and Bobby Moynihan . This is great production from USA. Have fun!




  The Delivery Man Watch Online

Produced by: Ken Scott

Written by: Ken Scott

Music by: Richard Hal

Cinematography: Rogier Stoffers

Editing by: Paul Millspaugh

Distributed by: Universal Pictures

Release date: November 22, 2013

Country: U.S.A

Language: English


The Delivery Man Watch Online

The Delivery Man Watch Online

The Delivery Man Watch Online
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4 Responses to “The Delivery Man Watch Online”

  1. Amanda98 pisze:

    free movie :D The Delivery Man is excellent

  2. Mike pisze:

    i love this director. His movie are marvelous!

  3. MikeOne pisze:

    Actually if you look who is the dictator and producer, it’s the same person who did the Starbuck movie, I think he want to expose his work to America, whichin my opinion he did a good job. Vince is perfect for the role. Thanks for movie man

  4. Marnos11 pisze:

    yea, AWESOME movie for free :D

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